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Legal Options for Victims of Reckless Driving Accidents in North Carolina

By Jeremy Bradford
Founding Partner

Reckless driving in North Carolina not only poses severe risks to all road users but can also lead to significant legal consequences for the perpetrator. Victims of such incidents often find themselves facing physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Fortunately, the law in North Carolina provides avenues for these victims to seek compensation and justice for their suffering and losses.

The Dangers of Reckless Driving

Reckless driving dramatically increases the risk of severe accidents, endangering both the driver and others on the road. Such behavior, which can include excessive speeding, tailgating, or running red lights, compromises the safety of everyone involved. As a result, it not only leads to property damage but can also cause grave injuries and, in worst-case scenarios, fatalities.

In 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 12,330 speeding-related deaths in the U.S., and speeding contributed to 29% of all traffic fatalities. In the same year, 424 people died in speeding-related crashes in North Carolina. These statistics emphasize the need to address the problem of reckless driving in the country that has led to such tragic losses.

North Carolina Laws on Reckless Driving

In North Carolina, reckless driving is defined as operating a vehicle “carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard” for the rights or safety of others, or without due caution at a speed or in a manner that endangers any person or property. Violators can face hefty fines, points on their driving record, and even jail time. The state takes this offense seriously, aiming to deter such dangerous behavior and ensure safer roadways for all its residents.

Rights of Accident Victims

Accident victims have the right to seek compensation for their injuries and damages resulting from another party’s negligence. This can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. Additionally, they have the right to legal representation to ensure their interests are protected and to assist them in pursuing just compensation against responsible parties.

Steps to Take Immediately After an Accident

Immediately after an accident, it’s vital to prioritize safety. If possible, move vehicles out of active traffic lanes to a safe location, turning on hazard lights. Check on all involved parties for injuries, and refrain from moving anyone seriously injured unless there’s an immediate life-threatening situation, such as a fire.

Once immediate safety concerns are addressed, it’s crucial to gather evidence. Take photos of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and any visible injuries. If there are witnesses, obtain their contact information. Reporting the accident to the police is essential, as their report can be pivotal in any subsequent legal actions or insurance claims. Always seek medical attention, even if injuries seem minor, as some symptoms might appear later.

Legal Options for Victims

Victims of accidents in North Carolina have the option to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. This process typically involves negotiations with the responsible party’s insurance company to secure compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related damages. If a satisfactory settlement isn’t reached, victims can escalate the matter to a formal lawsuit, aiming to have a court award the deserved compensation.

Another avenue available is filing a claim with one’s own insurance company, especially if the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured. However, it’s essential to understand policy details and the limits of coverage. Regardless of the chosen path, having legal representation can significantly increase the likelihood of obtaining fair compensation, as attorneys are well-versed in local laws and the nuances of such claims.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney can offer victims a significant advantage in securing fair compensation. These professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of local laws and can adeptly navigate the often complex negotiations with insurance companies. With their expertise, victims can focus on recovery, confident that their legal matters are being handled competently. Moreover, having an attorney often signals to the opposing party that one is serious about the claim, potentially leading to more favorable outcomes.

Bradford Law Can Help If You’ve Been in a Reckless Driving Accident

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a reckless driving accident, you deserve justice and fair compensation for your losses. Taking on insurance companies and navigating legal pathways can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone. Reach out to Bradford Law today for assistance and let us help you secure the outcome you deserve.

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